Zdravko I.

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

By coincidence one of friend of mine told me about GetLine Formula and I participated in two studies of GetLine Formula for research, which altogether took five weeks. During that time I was living the same lifestyle, without changing food consumption habits, and had little physical activity. After two weeks of use I noticed the first effects of Getline Formula, such as having more regular stool and the disappearance of the need for the evening overeating. These two changes are the most significant metabolic changes that I noticed. Although I was taking GetLine Formula infrequently, the medical findings from December 2015 show a significant change in the sugar level - HbA1c - a drop from 10.2 to 6.3, and decreased cholesterol levels of 7.6 to 5.8. Also, the weight was decreased by approximately 10 kg, so I was 92 kg. My waist decreased 6 cm. In relation to the findings of April 2015, the PH value of urine was 5, but in December the same pH value was 7. All this told me that something important happened, but at the same time I was not aware of any change in my habits, for instance the need for the evening overeating spontaneously disappeared. The only real novelty in daily habits was the continued and regular taking GetLine Formula.

My general condition has improved substantially (regular stool, better sleep, general psycho-physical condition), and I became aware of a change in the body, especially after learning more about the effects of GetLine Formula. I conclude that GetLine Formula significantly improved the condition of my body since my sugar and cholesterol levels significantly decreased, as well as my weight. GetLine Formula is highly effective, it tastes good, is simple to take, which helped me to become healthier, thinner, more energetic, and therefore I highly recommend it.