Ivan S.

Beli Manastir, Hrvatska

I started taking GLF in March 2016. In that time I had a 90.4 kg and for 38 days I lost 7.3 kg and my waist was narrower for 11 centimeters. In addition, in these less than six weeks, I noticed that after couple of days of taking GLF, I had no problem with the gastric acid. Due to this, I was taking two kinds of drugs for a couple of years and I was forced to stop drinking coffee. When I started taking GLF, these issues have disappeared. Only after 4 days of taking GLF I was able to enjoy my coffee again. More than 40 years I was taking nose drops, but now I noticed I do not need them anymore. I am diabetic and my sugar level was between 10 and 15, but after two weeks of taking GLF, my sugar level started to lower and now is stable on normal level and my HbA1c is now 6.2. I checked my cholesterol and find out that now both, total LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides are on normal level. Between the third and fourth week I felt I do not need to have evening meals and I'm not nervous about it anymore. GLF definitely brought into my life unexpected positive changes I am very pleased for.